The Hunt is Over

Hey sports fans. I know I’ve been away from this place for a while, again. Sorry. It has been a journey the past couple of months. It started out with the job hunt itself and the absolute determination not to drive a truck for chicken feed wages. Not getting into that trap again. After all the applications and the bs that goes along with it I whittled it down to CTL Transportation. That says a lot because it is not just driving a truck it is hauling hazardous materials. Along with that came a monster of training and learning. It has been the most intensive and scrutinized training of any driving job I’ve attempted to do. The hiring process has taken approximately  five  weeks. I can appreciate the intensity of the training considering that I will be hauling shit that will friggin kill you.

Finally I took off this week on my first load/trip. All was going super cool until right after my first delivery and my trucks breaks decided they didn’t want to work properly. Thank God I was watching my gauges because that was the only warning I got that I had a problem. I was able to get to a safe location and call breakdown. The air compressor on the truck has a governor that tells the compressor when to pump air into the air tanks for the breaks to work. It had intermittently stopped working.

So as goes my luck I broke down and had to have my truck and trailer towed to the Mac Truck dealership for repairs. I sit in a hotel for the second night tonight. But I and the public are safe. That’s all that counts.

Don’t think that the gypsy dreams have stopped, not happening. I’ve just refocused and the plans are building. I’m thinking real property purchase in the near future and a nice RV……maybe homemade. 🙂

Later Yawl !!!



Just Catching Up

A short video about undoing some vandals damage at the Turner Creek Boat Ramp.


This video is from Mom’s place. I sweated my ass off for about four weeks. More actual work than I’ve done in a long time.