GAB vs the “long knives” of The Looney Left

It a common tactic with the progressive psycho left, gang up, threaten, intimidate, etc. It’s the playbook of the left, Rules For Radicals. They have used these tactics on ever major conservative you can name, from Rush Limbaugh on down. The sad part is it often works on people with no power or money to fight back.

Now it is being used on the only real alternative to the garbage dump called Twitter, Their crime? Oh it’s huge…none. Gab just happened to be the place where a murderer had an account. So in their normal Saul Alinsky, “night if the long knives” style, the psychos on the Looney Left wanted his site dead, murdered. How ironic huh?

So up steps Epik, with a patriotic owner that believes in free speech. He calls owner and offers his services. Great guy. I personally salute him.

Now we have another Looney Left garbage pile named Josh Shapiro who also happens to be the Pennsylvania AG throwing around friggin subpoenas like they’re candy to Epik and just because the accused murderer live in his state.

What a piece of garbage this AG is. The problem for his dumb ass is he ain’t got a leg to stand on and will lose in court.

Typical of the Looney Left, ruled by their “Feelings”. Sick!

Read more here:

You just can’t make this stuff up

and here:

more stuff you can’t make up


A Message from “Epik”

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