Weekly Looney Left Award Winner – Ursula Wiedmann

This snowflake looney takes the cake this week. According to her own website, in her own words: “When she moved to Atlanta she scouted some of the areas most promising new faces. Soon she realized her true passion was in development and management of models. She decided to become a full service Agency and Mother Agent, specializing in development and placement.

What!? Are you kidding me?! If you ever meet a woman that was “developed” by this looney you better run like hell.

This is how her and her company “developed” a beautiful young woman for being black, being smart and visiting the White House: She fired her.

Zoe Bethel, pictured above with Candace Owens, simply attended The Black Leadership Conference at the Whitehouse and was fired.

Show Zoe some support.

As for the dirtbag looney left Ursula, you easily take the cake this week. Congrats.

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