Windy Point Park, Lake Travis, Austin, Tx.

As I sit in my hotel room in Milton, Pa. the boredom sets in.  LOL

I has a chance to visit a place in Austin that I hadn’t been to six I was 16. My Aunt Mary had leased the property know as “Windy Point”. I worked the summer as a campground employee. My best memories of the place was all the beautiful bikinis of course. But believe it or not I also remembered how beautiful the place was.

It hadn’t changed a lot at least physically. There were more trees then and the owner did admit that he had recently cut down lots of Cedars, don’t ask me why. I am a big tree fan but not a tree huger. If your in Texas around Austin get your ass out of the car and off the friggin couch. Go check it out, stay the night because the price can’t be beat.

Anyway, I am into day two of my orientation for my new job. Got all the medical, physical and driving test stuff behind me yesterday. So today is class room stuff, you know, the hard to stay awake for stuff. I hope to get some photos and videos today if I get a break. They have us staying in a Holiday Inn Express out in the middle of nowhere and I do mean NOWHERE. Not a store around and no transportation. Your warned!