Oh Hell!!

You probably think that you have just fallen into it, hell. No, but your just steps away from it.

What you have fallen into is the back side of what “was” my blog. Yep, it’s going away. So exactly what you are right now is a guinea pig for me. LOL. Yep. Aint that the shit!!!

The blog is going to fade away here. A new service for America is coming here. You may have noticed something was up when you saw the new name of the location your in……”The Looney Left.com”. Yeah, I’m not that guy.  But I will be putting “that guy” (the looney left) on display here for all the world to see.

It’s like you can’t make this crap up!!!  Each and everyday the world is feed Terra Bites of garbage from the left, their true self. They give us so much that it takes help getting this info out to the “Right”, or the middle, or the democrats, or the “never voted” among us. So I, Butch, am taking it on as my responsibility to help in the cause.

Thanks for tagging along. You will see lots changes on the site in real-time. Contribute? Yeah…..I guess so. I may listen. Probably not,

It’s November the 3rd my friends. Get over yourself. Grab that neighbor or friend or stranger. Take that person with you to vote. If he/she says they are not registered to vote…..take them anyway. I guarantee you he is registered. That’s one thing the Looney Left has down pat! They know how to register folks to vote! Even the dead. I’m just saying.

Anyway yawll, hang the hell on. It’s going to be a rough ride.




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