Wasting Away Some Down Time

My faithful ole Toshiba laptop took a crap on me. It was eight years old so I wasn’t overly upset about it. So right away i started looking for a replacement. Not wanting to pay too much I actually decided to buy an older Dell Latitude. It cost me $130.00 and it worked great. Of course I bought it for a reason, it was completely upgrade able. And I did just that. Bumped the memory up from 4 to 8 gigs. Then I ditched the old disc type hard drive for the newer solid state hard drive, 250gigs up to 500gigs. Did it myself for only &200.00. So now I have $330.00 in it and it is twice as powerful as my old machine.

But that wasn’t the root of the evil. “Windows” of any flavor is the evil. I had just did a large update when my old computer fried. I was over window no matter what it took. I did something that I had wanted to do for years and was too unsure of my skills to make the jump. This time I just said fuck it and didn’t look back. I Rebooted the new/old laptop with Linux. Just freaking did it! To be more specific I now run the Xubuntu 18.04, Bionic Beaver operating system on my laptop. I has been a sweet experience so far and it gets better as I go. Boot times, not have to put up with the Windows spy junk any more, are amazing. I can boot, even with two passwords, in one minute and three seconds. That is just amazing. I haven’t had that pleasure ever with windows. I will never go back. (unless maybe in the future I buy another cheapo machine just to run my Photoshop CS5)

As I type today I am in a hotel room because my damn work truck is broke down again. This has to stop happening soon or something is going to change. I can’t make money like this.




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