A Visit With My Brother Mike Petty

Was on the way to Houston and was close by my brothers so decided to stop in for a visit. With my nomadic lifestyle years can pass between visits with family or friends. Got to take them when I can get them.

Robert, Louisiana is a bustling little town about fifty miles strait north of New Orleans. The little small towns of La. can be very unique and some even spooky. I actually got to go way down on the southern tip of La. to Sabine because Interstate 10 was shut down after the hurricane. Man what a beautiful place to VISIT. I say visit because they get way to many storms and it is fully exposed to the hurricane paths. But check it out if you get a chance, it will be worth the time and the distance this way to Houston instead of I10 is about the same.

Anyway, Mike and family live in Robert. Its is a laid back place, not to big and not too small but definitely Louisiana. It was a nice visit before the black mold ingesting job of  Houston hurricane cleanup.



Author: Butch

Scratching for gold wherever I lay my hat.

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